The Best Vice Golf Balls 2017

Vice Golf Balls


 Vice Golf pride themselves on supplying quality golf balls at an affordable price, while not compromising on quality.


Founded in 2012 in Germany, the company began selling in Germany before expanding in to other parts of Europe and the US. The balls can be purchased online and are shipped directly from the manufacturer to your front door.


Vice Golf are confident in the quality of their golf balls, stating their ‘Prices are cheap, the golf balls aren’t’. Their golf balls come in at around half the price of their competitors. You can actually find second hand balls from other golf ball companies on sale at the same price as brand new Vice Golf balls.


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Vice Golf are able to offer such low prices as they distribute directly from their own website. Distribution is from the warehouse directly to the customer. Unlike their competitors, they do not use ‘middle-men’ who markup the price drastically to sell on their websites. You also see a further decrease in price when purchasing in bulk.


The low prices can also be justified as they have opted to focus on developing the best models only, rather than providing various different versions. They do not spend millions on sponsorship deals, letting the performance of their balls do the talking. The also offer a speedy delivery service, as there is no middle channel to by-pass. The balls come straight from the company to the customer.


The Vice Golf balls are tested by an independent international testing institute where it was noted they are as good as any of the higher priced competitor balls. You can also opt to have your balls personalised. This is quite a niche for this market, especially whilst maintaining a low price.


Vice Golf balls are the official ball of the German Golf Association (DGL). They are also the ball of choice for many up-and-coming pros in Germany, as well as top European amateurs.


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