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The Thomasville furniture company was founded in Thomasville, North Carolina, in 1904. The company originally only had a single product known as “The Thomasville Chair”. That chair gained a reputation as a great looking and well made chair. The reputation of that chair led customers to ask for Thomasville to create more products. Now, over one hundred years later, Thomasville has a large range of beautiful furniture that is extremely popular.


Home styles have changed over the years, and Thomasville has kept up with the trends of the day by constantly releasing new, up to date, lines of it’s furniture. For this reason Thomasville Furniture is likely to remain as a leader in the industry. Thomasville furniture is currently sold through franchised Thomasville shops, and large furniture retailers, including


Thomasville has a range of successful and well known collections. Such as Ernest Hemingway, Humphrey Bogart, and they have now released an Ellen Degeneres collection. They have also expanded their lines to include kitchen and bathroom furniture.


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The People


The fact that Thomasville are still in business and growing after over 100 years of business is a testament to the people who are Thomasville. Their current-day philosophy is said to be due to two timber farmers, T.J. and C.F. Finch, who very cleverly accepted Thomasville stock as payment for the wood that they provided. Those two timber farmers then went on to buy out all of the other shareholders, taking control of the whole business. They then turned the company into an internationally known brand, respected for its manufacturing quality and designs.


These same two central values of quality and innovation are claimed to still be the central principles of the people of the Thomasville furniture company. From their central base in Thomasville, North Carolina, all the way down to retail level.


Thomasville Furniture – The One-stop Shop for Quality Furnishings


Furniture takes the most vital place in every home. It’s the thing that makes your home beautiful and fills you with joy when you look at your home’s interior. We may also feel the need to make our home the envy of the neighborhood by having the best furniture.
If you’re looking for the best then the best way to get it is by buying Thomasville furniture. There are several good furniture companies available to you. So why should you buy Thomasville furniture? Because Thomasville it is fully dedicated to manufacturing classic furniture with a modern twist for your living room, bedroom, dining room, sofas, cabinets, and much more.


What is the Thomasville Furniture brand?


Thomasville was founded in the year 1904 and at first, they started their service by selling and delivering the Thomasville chair. After that, they gradually started to manufacture some other pieces as well based on their customer’s requests and needs.
They not only make traditional kinds of furniture but they also have a range for every niche. These include contemporary, casual, and various different styles of furniture that meet the needs of everyone’s tastes.


Set up your home office with Thomasville.


Furniture from Thomasville really makes your home office feel like a work haven. If you’re working from your home, then they have many great furniture options that will make your home office both comfortable and functional. The looks and style of the office will be the envy of all who see it.




How to shop for Thomasville furniture.


It’s easy to buy your favorite living room, dining room, or any furniture from this company. Just visit the Amazon links on this page. All of the information in regards availability and prices of the items that you’re looking for is available there.
By purchasing from Amazon buyers will never face any problems. All purchases are protected and quality guaranteed as per the usual Amazon high standards.


Reasons to buy furnishings from Thomasville.


Thomasville furnishings are of the highest quality with the best design. And they are very fairly priced when compared to rival brands.

With Thomasville you get beautiful furniture that is built to last. You will be able to pass all of your home furniture down to your children and grandchildren. It really will continue to be appreciated by future generations.
With the vast array of styles available, including their celebrity designed ranges, a great looking modern, or classic, home is easily within your reach.


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