The Best Dog Harness Selection 2017

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In my opinion, a good dog harness is a must have for walking your dog.


They are more comfortable for the dog than a collar is, and a good dog harness gives you more control over the dog than a collar does. Whether you want a leather dog harness or a dog harness vest, there is a type for every dog and every owner.


Here are some good dog harnesses that you may be interested in.


Dog Harness Reviews


Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness




PUPTECK BB6031 Reflective Adjustable Big Dog Soft No Pull Power Harness PurpleThis is a strong harness for a big dog, which has a no-pull feature. The harness tightens around the dog and lifts its front legs when pulled upon.


This also has a reflective ring around the collar that comes in handy when walking the dog at night or in the dark.


It also has a very easy to grab handle that comes in handy when the pet is excited or hyper and needs some extra control.


It also comes with a heavy duty metal D ring that won’t break when your dog pulls at any force in any direction.


This dog harness comes in 3 sizes so will fit most dog breeds.


It also comes in 6 colors hence you have a wide array of colors to choose from.


This dog harness provides a great, safe way to walk your dog and have full control over it.


This harness has been used very widely in the market


Puppia Soft Dog Harness




PUPPIA DOG OR PUPPY SOFT AIR MESH HARNESS A SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE FAST POSTNow from Puppia, you can buy this simple dog harness that is strong enough for your dog or any other pet.


It is also comfortable, and the dog can easily move around with it. This is because of the re sizable chest belt.


The dog harness is also very easy to snap on and off.


Now with this, you will be able to keep your dog safe and comfortable during your walks.


The neck region on this harness is padded which helps increase the level of comfort for the dog.


This harness is also machine washable. However hand washing and air drying is recommended.


The Original EcoBark Maximum Comfort & Control Dog Harness 4-40 lbs; No Pull & No Choke Design, Luxurious Padded Vest, Eco-Friendly, For Puppies and Dogs, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large




The Original EcoBark Maximum Comfort & Control Dog Harness orange XS Here is a dog harness that will provide you with a colorful design, is very durable, and helps the environment.


The material used in its manufacture is very comfortable and non-toxic. It is also partially made from recycled material.


The harness has been designed to be comfortable around the pet’s neck and keep it safe too. It does not choke the pet as the neck has been designed to fit your dog without restricting it.


It is great when walking running or jogging with your pet. You will be able to keep track of your dog as you move due to the bright colors.


It comes with an adjustable belt. These harnesses also come in different sizes to fit different dogs. They have been designed to be fitted securely and comfortably on any shaped dog.


This dog harness has proved to be one of the best dog harnesses there is in the market.


Ruffwear – Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs




Ruffwear - Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs Ruffwear have given you an everyday harness that gives you comfort and ease when putting on.


It comes with 4 points of adjustment that give you the ability to customize the fit for your pet.


It also comes with a padded chest and belly panel. This gives it a good load dispersion for the pets comfort.


The leash that comes with it also provides security when taking the pet for a walk or run. This is a harness that gives you both comfort and security. This dog harness is very well stitched and made from very durable material.


It also comes with a reflective trim and an ID pocket. With it, you will be able to put in your dog’s ID and your contact details in case you ever lose track of your dog. Someone will always be able to help to get your dog back home.


It comes in 5 sizes and with the adjustable straps you will always be able to fit this harness onto your dog perfectly.


Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Adjustable Dog Harness, 7 Colors, Matching Collar & Leash Available Separately




Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Adjustable Dog Harness, 12 Colors,...This dog harness comes in five different colors and a matching collar and leash can be bought separately. You can now get elegance and simplicity all over you dog.


It is made from nylon fabric which is a very durable material and will give you a lot of service for a very long time.


This is classic and attractive wear for every day.


The buckle it comes with is heavy duty and again comes with a D-ring that ensures both durability and that your dog is secure at all times.


This harness comes in a variety of colors to give you a large variety to choose from. You can have fun with a different color on your dog every day if you’d like.


Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness with Plastic Quick Release Buckles




Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Plastic Buckle Dog Car Walking Harness EXTRA LARGE - BLACK Coupled with style and versatility is another entry in the list of some of the best dog harnesses there are in the market.


The Kurgo harness has been made from high quality material that will keep your dog safe every single day.


It is also very comfortable and durable and will give you good service for a long time.


The harness has a simple design that involves just slipping on without struggle.


It comes with a warranty against any manufacturer’s defect.


It is made to accommodate a dog with the weight of 50 to 80 pounds.


The D ring on the chest is also very strong and ensures your dog is secure at all times.


It is fitted with plastic quick release that ensures ease when putting it on and off.


It is also ideal for a broad chest on a pet due to the adjustable design that goes directly under the dog’s chest.

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