The Best Dog Collar Selection 2017

I’ll provide links and reviews to a range of dog collars including personalised dog collars, GPS dog collars, custom dog collars, and led dog collars.


Maybe you can get some new ideas and choose a dog collar that both you and your dog will be happy with.


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Dog Collar Reviews


Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Nylon Dog Collar, Matching Leash & Harness Available Separately


Inspired by the warm weather, blueberry pet’s new classic collection is perfect for everyday wear.


Elegant and simple, this French pink collar is made to show off your dog’s unique style all year round.


With the heavy duty buckles and d-ring, this durable dog collar is made to last.


This product is available in 6 colors: royal blue, dark orchid, neon green, Flourescent orange, medium turquoise, and French pink.


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Warner Brand Cumberland Leather Dog Collar + FREE Engraved Brass ID tag


Warner Brand Cumberland Leather Dog Collar WITH FREE ENGRAVED BRASS ID TAG 19-21-23-25-27″ collars come in Rich Brown – Black – Golden Tan.


Made for medium to large dogs (1″ wide) Collars are made with 1″ wide heavy leather with nickel plated hardware.


This Hand-Crafted collar is a regular collar with a nickel plated D-ring to connect leash. The more it is used, the more comfortable and natural feeling the leather becomes.


These collars have 5 holes 1 inch apart. Try to match your dog’s neck with the center hole.


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Measuring your dog’s neck- We recommend using a length of string to measure the distance around your dog’s neck as this will give you the most accurate measurement.


We do not recommend going by the length of your dog’s old collar, because all brands of dog collars are made differently.


Size Chart: 19″ Fits 15-17 Neck 21″ fits 16-19 Neck 23″ fits 18-21 Neck 25″ fits 20-23 Neck 27″ fits 22-25 Neck.


This collar comes with a free engraved brass ID tag RIVETED to the collar. Tag information is machined engraved into the 20 ga.


Brass tag with a clean easy to read font using our computerized tag engraving machine. Up to 22 Characters per line (including spaces), up to 4 lines. Tag Size: ¾” wide x 2 ¾” long (Brass).




This is a personalized item and there is a $5 re-stocking fee deducted from any returns and a $3 fee charged for exchanges to cover the shipping back to you.


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Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar – USB Rechargeable with Water Resistant Flashing Light


Blazin’ Security! Competition crushing visibility of 350 yards.


Be seen by traffic, potentially saving you or your pet’s life. Top Technology! Slimmest individual bulb strip and on/off box.


Cheap knock-offs have short inconsistent solid strips or bulbs too big to slide through sizing clips. Don’t let your pup look silly with a half lit neck when we offer 360 degrees of illumination.


Lithium ion battery saves money and offers extended use without the hassle of buying strange batteries.


Charge From Any Device! Runs over 7 hours. Track your glowing pet when camping, on evening hikes or when lost at night.


Quality Construction! 3 modes (on, strobe, blink). 1” wide high tensile nylon.


Any time, any weather, illuminate and protect your canine. Available in assorted colors.


Try our Blazin’ Leash, buy the combo set today.


3 modes (on/fast flashing/slow flashing).




Size: Adjustable strap for perfect fit. Our three extended sizing options give you more leeway in selecting a size, overlapping each other so you don’t have to guess if your pup is between sizes. Small, medium and large are easily adjustable for extra small or extra large pets, even XXL.
XS/Small – 9.8 inches to 14.2 inches
Medium – 13.8 inches to 19.7 inches
Large/XL – 19.3 inches to 27.6 inches


Assorted colors: Blue, Red, Black, Purple, Green and Pink. Even fits larger cats.


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Garmin PT10 Dog Device Red Collar (Pro 70/Pro 550)


The PT 10 dog device works with both the PRO 70 and PRO 550 handhelds allowing you to add more dog device collars to your pack.


Train up to 6 dogs on 1 PRO 70 handheld or 3 dogs on 1 PRO 550 handheld (additional dog devices required) with a range of 1 mile, plus remote-operated LED beacon lights for low light conditions and built in BarkLimiter, activated on the dog device, for a quieter kennel.


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Personalized Premium Dog Collar with Metal Clasp – Available 20 Colors + 4 Sizes


This is hi-def premium personalized dog collar from Yellow Dog Design, made right here in the USA.


Available in 20 great colors including Red, Orange, Pumpkin, Peach, Goldenrod, Yellow, Spring Green, Olive Green, Kelly Green, Teal, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Plum, Magenta, Light Pink, Brown, Tan, Heather Gray, Black, and White.


EASY ON EASY OFF – Using a patented metal quick release clasp, the collar can easily be taken on or off the dog. Don’t worry though, opposable thumbs are necessary to activate the quick release.




This dog collar utilizes a quick clasp closure, also called a side release clasp. Sizing is given as a range of neck lengths.


Measure your dogs neck size or its current collar length (not including buckles) to obtain correct sizing.


Small (10″ to 14″ long x 3/4″ wide). Medium 3/4″ (14″ to 20″ long x 3/4″ wide) Medium 1″ (14″ to 20″ long x 1″ wide). Large (18″ to 28″ long x 1″wide). To determine the size your dog needs, the easiest way is to measure their current collar.


So much better than an embroidered dog collar, give it a shot and we’re confident you will agree. If you think you’ve seen personalized dog collars before, you haven’t seen these!


No rough edges, no embroidered threads to fray or break, no problem going in the wash, just smooth, hi-def customization on a soft wearable dog collar.


Hot Dog Collars is the place to personalize your pet. In business for over 12 years, we know pets and we know personalization.


Most importantly, we know and love our customers. If something goes wrong (rare, but it happens) you can count on us to make it right!


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Improve Your Dog with a Dog Collar


You all love pets and each of you would like to have them looking their best, right? Especially, when it comes to your dog, there are so many ways to make it look great. When it comes to fashion for the dog, the first thing that comes to your mind is a collar. Am I right?
This is because it remains on the dog’s neck so you can use it for controlling your dog, use it for identification purposes, for fashion, and much more. Most of you do not know the importance and need of a great collar for your pet. If you really care about the way that your dog looks, then it’s vital to think about getting the best dog collar available.


Caring for your pets


Definitely, every pet owner should like to to shed love on their pets. Why not you? It’s always a great pleasure seeing your four-legged friends stay healthy, big, and muscular. Wouldn’t you extend that to having the best possible collar around your dog’s neck? This setup will help you to control your lovable pets from unwanted accidents happening when outside.


Perks of a dog collar


There are a wide range of collars in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Based on your dog’s neck, you can pick the best one so your dog will look amazing. Collars offer different benefits to you and some of them are as follows,


1. Control and training:


There may be a chance that your dog will chase people, vehicles, and other dogs while you’re walking on the road. Luckily, you can avoid those kinds of situations with the use of the collar.
Furthermore, you can train your dog to do not bark unnecessarily. There are collars that are specifically designed for training purposes so you can take full control of your dog.


2. Security and identification purposes:


Collars are specifically designed for security and identification purposes too. If your dog is wearing a collar, then anyone can easily identify it even if your dog gets lost. Some dog collars come with radio transmitters, which enhances your communication with your dog, even you’re at a distance of up to 1000 yards from your pet.


3. Enhance the beauty of your dog:


Mostly, dog owners avoid putting clothes on their pets because it may cause irritation to their bodies. But, every dog looks great with a collar around their neck. Not only it is useful for security purposes but also helps to enhance your dog’s beauty.
The most difficult thing that every owner is facing is choosing the right type of collar. Many owners are sticking with cheap and poor looking collars because they’ve never really looked at the range of different collars available.
So what should you do? At first, you should decide what type of collar you would like. A leather or a cloth collar? Maybe a GPS collar or a LED collar, or even a personalised collar? Then measure your dog’s neck size and decide which colored collar will compliment your dog’s color. Check out the quality and the price of the collar and make sure that it is worth your hard earned money. Then buy the best collar that you can afford and keep your dog safe and looking great at all times.


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