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Disk Golf


Disc Golf is a flying disc precision and accuracy game, often referred to as frisbee golf. Players throw a flying disc at a target basket and the object of the game is to complete the course in the fewest number of throws.


Disc golf is growing rapidly in popularity and is now played in over 40 countries. In the last decade, the number of disc golf courses has more than doubled.




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Modern Disk Golf


The modern Disk Golf game started in the early 1960’s. It is claimed by many different people to have been their invention. Water fountains, gazebos and trees have all been used throughout courses.


Growth of the modern game


“Steady Ed” Headrick, the designer of the modern day Frisbee, also designed and installed the first standardized target course – which was in California. Ed is credited with pioneering the modern game. He redesigned the disc, taking into account rim height, disc shape, diameter, weight and material, so the disc could be controlled and thrown accurately.


Headrick then decided he there was a flaw in the game – there were so many arguments as to if a disc had landed in the correct area to score, that he designed the first golf target incorporating chains and a basket on a pole, which would catch the discs.


He then founded the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and Recreational Disc Golf Association (RDGA) and worked to standardize the rules and equipment for this fast growing sport, revolutionizing the modern game.


Shortly afterwards, Headrick turned over control and administration of the PDGA to the disc golf players and returned to focus on his passion for building and inventing equipment for the sport.


Basic rules


Teeing off


Each player takes their turn to throw a disc from within a designated area, referred to as the tee box. One foot must remain in contact with the tee box at the time of release.


Establishing position


Once thrown, a disc is considered to be at rest once it is no longer in motion. Where this comes to rest is the established position. If the disc breaks on impact, the largest piece establishes position.


Marking the line


The established position of the disc marks it’s lie. The lie may also be marked using a mini marker.


Throwing from a stance


The player must have one foot in contact with the playing surface on the lie. You must also not be standing in front of your lie, out of bounds or touching the marker.




Once within a 10-meter radius of the target, you are considered as putting.




Should you violate the stance, you will receive a warning in the first instance. All subsequent violations will be penalized with a stroke penalty and a re-throw.


Holing out


In disc golf, there are two different types of targets – a object target and a basket target.
Basket target – to hole out your disc must come to rest within the chains, or even better, the bottom cylinder of the basket.
Object target – to hole out your disc must come into contact with the designated area on the object.


Out of bounds


An out of bounds throw will result in a penalty throw. A disc is out of bounds when it is completely surrounded by the out of bounds area.


Discs used in play


Discs used must meet the standards set by the PDGA. A player who throws an illegal disc will be penalized with two penalty throws.


Order of play


The first player on the scorecard will begin play. Order of play for subsequent holes will be determined by the scores of the previous hole. The lowest scoring player will tee first.




Courtesy rules are in place to establish proper etiquette for players. Any violations can result in penalties. Examples of courtesy rules are as follows:


Players should not throw until they are certain the thrown disc will not distract another player or injure anyone present.
Players should take care to not distract other players while it is their turn.
Littering on the course is discouraged and considered a courtesy violation.
Players are expected to watch where other players’ discs go and search for discs in the event they are lost.



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