thomasville furniture

The Best Thomasville Furniture 2017

The Thomasville furniture company was founded in Thomasville, North Carolina, in 1904. The company originally only had a single product known as “The Thomasville Chair”. That chair gained a reputation as a great looking and well made chair. The reputation of that chair led customers to ask for Thomasville to create more products. Now, over […]

hooker furniture

The Best Hooker Furniture 2017

Hooker Furniture Company History   Hooker Furniture Desk Shown Below   Clyde Hooker Junior. the 4-year old son of the founder of Hooker furniture, Clyde Hooker, signalled the opening of their furniture factory in 1925. His father Clyde Hooker Snr. ran the company until 1960, when Jr. took over the company and ran it for […]

best office chair for back pain

Best Office Chair For Back Pain 2017

Which Is The Best Office Chair For Back Pain?   All gamers, office workers, and executives have one thing in common, they spend hours and hours sitting behind a desk. Most of them develop back pain at some point, simply because the human body isn’t ‘’designed’’ for sitting.   Doctors claim that the spine must […]

The Best Furniture Feet Review 2017

Furniture Feet   Why use furniture feet?   I am sure, like me, you are sick of your furniture scratching your flooring. Especially every time the kids choose to drag the tables and chairs from one corner of the room to another! I had heard of furniture feet and decided to give them a go, […]