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callaway chrome soft golf balls


Exceptional Distance, More Control Into The Green, And Incredibly Soft Feel. The Chrome Soft Golf Ball is designed for Tour Proven performance with exceptional feel. The 4-piece construction and Dual SoftFast Core provide higher ball speeds and optimal spin rates to maximize performance through the bag.






2016 Chrome Soft Golf Balls Product Specs


Type Cover Material Pattern
4-Piece Tour Urethane HEX Aerodynamics




It has a three-piece development with a pressure of around 65, which is lower than most balls utilized on tour, and it features an original “SoftFast” center, which retains energy as the ball compresses and disfigures on the face at impact, and it comes back to its original shape faster. Callaway says the outcome of this is less spin and more distance.


A stiffer mantle layer is intended to enhance energy transfer, while an original DuraSpin cover is the mildest and toughest urethane cover Callaway has ever constructed, bringing about Tour-level control greenside.


Also, hexagonal aerodynamic dimples produce ideal performance on both low spin and high spin shots.




Callaway staff member Phil Mickelson has been quoted as saying “This is the best ball I’ve ever played,” and he is probably going to play a somewhat adjusted rendition of this ball on Tour one year from now. “It is progressive and the normal player can see the distinction. I’m getting lower turn, however greater dependability from 5-press through to driver. I saw rehearsing at home with my SR3+ that one chip shot would fall off low, another somewhat high, it was conflicting. However, with the Chrome Soft the flight was the same without fail. My short diversion has never been so great as it has with this ball.”


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Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls


Super Long | Super Straight | Super Soft The new Supersoft Golf Ball is super long, super straight, and super soft with our lowest compression ball, a soft cover, and our new Premium HEX Aerodynamics.





2017 Supersoft Dozen Golf Balls Product Specs


Type Cover Material Pattern
2-Piece Ionomer HEX Aerodynamics




Callaway has combined the most reduced pressure golf ball around with its HEX Aerodynamics to make a long, straight distance ball with an extraordinarily delicate feel.


The Supersoft is Callaway’s s softest golf ball ever and highlights a pressure of just 38, which is 20 lower than some of their most prominent two piece balls.


The extremely low spin is an impetus for straight shots yet to the detriment of some distance.


This two-piece ball is accessible in white or yellow in the event that you’d like different colours.




Very delicate feel off a wedge, low trajectory, and distinct bite on the second bounce. Definitely feels soft, yet stopping capacity wasn’t really that high given the compression.


Felt springy off the driver and putter, as well, a bizarre sensation. Didn’t spin as much as I’d have liked.


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Callaway Warbird Golf Balls


Designed for Distance. The Warbird golf ball is designed for distance seekers who want maximum flight along with a soft, high-energy core.







Warbird Dozen Golf Balls Product Specs


Type Cover Material Pattern
2-Piece Ionomer HEX Aerodynamics




The Callaway Warbird Plus golf balls have a softer and faster core make up.


The Warbird Plus golf ball has stopped using traditional dimples and has instead utilized Callaway’s patented HEX Aerodynamics.


These new dimples lower drag and promote a stronger, more penetrating ball flight that slices through the air.


The Warbird Plus balls include a new high power core. The faster, high resiliency rubber formulation promotes the best distance with a softer feel than the last generation.


The tough Ionomer cover provides long-lasting playability and also helps increase the distance this ball travels.


The Warbird has an Ionomer Cover, and it’s durable design helps with long drives and offers even longer playability.




We thought the Warbird Plus felt a bit “brick like” when we teed it up but we were pleasantly surprised with how good it felt off the face.


We also felt that it had good control and is one of the better balls in the category.


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