The Best Baby Carrier Selection 2017

The Best Baby Carriers


Here is a list of the baby carriers that we believe to be the best on the market.


Ranked in order of best baby carrier from top to bottom.


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Baby Carrier Reviews


1: Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One


This baby carrier is definitely one of the best on the market, and complete value for money. It is designed for use for age ranges from newborn to up to three years.


You can also use this in multiple positions – inward facing, outward facing and on your back. It also comes in three different colours – black, beige and silver. I prefer the black personally, as it looks quite stylish but also won’t discolour when your little one dribbles or spits up on it – which we know they will do as soon as you put them in your nice new toy!


I have seen many people say this is a bit pricey, but to be honest, it’s worth every penny! Stylish, good quality materials, really well made, clear instructions and also unique. You really do get what you pay for.


I would happily pay the cost for this product. The simple, cheaper versions I have used previously just don’t stand up to this.




The Baby Bjorn One is really comfortable to wear – for both parent and baby – my little one dozes off almost immediately. It’s solid and secure and moulds to the baby’s body. The padded straps around your shoulders and the thick waist belt are really comfy.


If your little one is at the stage where they love to chew things, you’ll be happy to know the carrier is free from any allergens and health-hazardous substances. Another plus, is you can stick this in the washing machine!


I couldn’t recommend this baby carrier more highly!


This is number 1 on our best baby carrier list


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2: Boba 4G carrier


This carrier requires no assembly. The shoulder straps are already in place and secured and the belt ready to fasten around your waist. It’s so simple to put on, so perfect if you are in a rush!


The instructions (if needed) are clear and precise, with large photographs to demonstrate. They’ve really made this as user friendly as possible. You may want to tie your hair back if it is shoulder length or longer, as you could get it caught in the clasp. This may be hilarious to your child, won’t be as funny to you! 🙂


This carrier is really comfortable to wear, with a padded belt and nicely positioned straps – definitely well thought out. Very sturdy fabric and also very stylish, with a nice pattern. This is also very comfortable for babies, as shown by how quickly they fall asleep once in it, and you’re on the move.


The Boba 4G can be used in two ways – front or back carrying. To be honest, the choice of two positions is fine for me. When you purchase the carriers that can be used in various different positions, they do tend to become more difficult to put on. This carrier is simple to use and does exactly what you need.




It also has pockets present and a handbag strap, which makes things so much easier on a shopping trip! There is also a sleeping hood and foot straps. This will be great as your little one gets bigger, so their legs aren’t just dangling.


The carrier can be rolled up small enough to fit into a changing bag and also can be hung on a coat rack / hook when not in use.


It’s machine washable and can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


I highly recommend this carrier


This is number 2 on our best baby carrier list


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3: Ergobaby Four Position 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier Carbon


This carrier was a little fiddly to get on the first couple of times, but if you stick with it, once you have the hang of it, it’s absolutely great. It isn’t complicated or hard to use, it’s user friendly just a little fiddly at first.


This carrier can be used from birth to age 4, which is great as you don’t need to keep shelling out for a replacement. It’s really comfortable, looks really stylish, has great support for the baby. Also as an added extra – the company are very strong in their ethical policies and state this is made under both fair labour and environmental standards!


It comes in four different varieties. The original carrier, the galaxy grey colour, the organic version and the organic fashion version – so something for everyone.


The carrier is quite a thick cotton material, which gives extra comfort and is also machine washable! It folds up small enough for you to keep handy in the changing bag.


When your little one starts to doze off, you can pull the handy sleep hood up. Then they will be nicely tucked away from the world and most importantly, getting some peace to rest, giving you time to get bits done. This was the winning factor for me – something small but makes such a difference and isn’t found on other carriers.


This is number 3 on our best baby carrier list


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4: Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier


This carrier has been developed by Mountain Buggy, who are best known for their ‘high quality all-terrain strollers’.


They have promoted this product as being the ‘first multi-functional baby carrier’ that can work for children from birth right up to the age of 4! I am not sure I’d want to be carrying my four year old around, but it’s good to know this product is available and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a four year old (up to 20kg)!


The Juno has straps that go around your shoulders and your hips, which helps to distribute the baby’s weight, making this a really comfortable carrier, for both you and baby.


When using this baby carrier with a newborn, you use a special inset with fits snugly into the carrier, with them facing you. As they become bigger, you’d remove this insert and they can now face outwards. (after you have made adjustments to the carrier). You can also use the carrier on your back when they get to this size (usually six months).




The carrier is secure and strong and has little pouches as the front, which is a nice touch. You can slide your hands through for that extra but of comfort. It’s not needed but may make you feel a little more secure.


There are also two compartments on the strap around your waist, where you could keep your phone or your keys. Obviously really convenient and also may eradicate the use of a bag. So less to worry about when leaving the house in a rush!


You can sponge clean this or shove it in the washing machine on a cold setting.


I really like this product and would highly recommend


This is number 4 on our best baby carrier list


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